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Tile Installation Huntington, New York – I always enjoy meeting potential new clients, but this meeting for a floor tile installation in Huntington wasn’t my usual estimate. When I arrived, I was immediately told by who I thought was my potential client that he wasn’t the client but rather his daughter was the potential client.

He further explained that he lived directly across the street, and due to his daughter’s busy schedule, he was meeting and vetting potential flooring contractors. He told me his daughter was born and raised in the home he still lived in, and when the home across the street was put onto the market, she jumped at the opportunity and was in the process of renovating the home.

I followed him from the front to the rear of the house and entered the kitchen. The only flooring existing in the kitchen of the home was the subfloor. I walked across the subfloor and felt that the subfloor was uneven.

After using a level, my suspicions were corroborated. I explained that the subfloor needed to be level to install floor tile and ensure proper installation. A slight grin appeared on his face. “Anthony, how would you install the tile directly to the plywood subfloor if the floor isn’t level?” he asked.

“I would never install tile directly to plywood since the plywood will expand and contract at a different rate than the floor tile. Cracks will eventually appear in the grout lines, and it will only be a matter of time before the floor begins to fail,” I explained.

I won’t bore you with the rest of our conversation, but his questions and my answers continued throughout our meeting. I provided the proposal, we shook hands, and I exited the home. I was about five minutes from the house when my cell phone rang. I answered the call and was asked to return to the home so we could finalize the project.

When I returned, I met my client for the first time when her father introduced us. We sat at the dining room table, and I reviewed the project’s scope with her. She asked who she should write the check to when I removed the three-day right-to-cancel notice and explained why I was providing the notice.

As her father grinned earlier, she did as well. Father and daughter looked at one another with smiles followed by laughter. When I was told the father was a retired contractor and she was a real estate attorney, I, too, smiled and laughed. The agreement was finalized, and we returned two weeks later to begin the project. The project went smoothly and was completed in three days.

I love my career, but what I enjoy most is the happiness on my client’s faces when a project is completed. My client and her father were overjoyed with how the project went, and neither could have been more complimentary of our hard work and the overall experience they had with myself and my company. Smiles and compliments are the norm, but it never ceases to make me proud and happy.

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Liz Ward
Liz Ward
An excellent experience all around. Reliable and easy to work with. The refinished and repaired wood floors look great.
Doreen Manzo
Doreen Manzo
Excellent professional service, excellent work. Anthony answered all of my questions in a timely matter so I was able to purchase the floor and whatever else we needed to get the job done right. I would highly recommend Footprints floors to anyone who is looking to install flooring throughout their home or business. Thank you 😊
Hasheem Wint
Hasheem Wint
Footprints is a great company the work has been amazing.
Daniel Rodriguez
Daniel Rodriguez
They clearly communicated process, timelines and costs. There was no hidden fees and they were extremely professional throughout our installation. In addition to this, they finished our floor and backsplash ahead of time. Our floor looks fantastic and so does our backsplash. Highly recommended.
Alexandra Grabowski
Alexandra Grabowski
They were very responsive and accommodating with our time sensitive job. Works quickly and efficiently. Anthony, who we worked close with over the course of a few weeks, was very responsive and kind. Would recommend to anyone in the area.
Kelly Dantuono
Kelly Dantuono
Anthony and his team did an amazing job at my house! My house is an old colonial with uneven walls and floors and they made the tile floor perfect. I was very impressed with his responsiveness and professionalism. I have already recommended him to a friend and will have him back to do my wood floors in the future!
Charles Krais
Charles Krais
On time and did a great job.
Hannah Walkonen
Hannah Walkonen
Amazing company!!!! Do not look anywhere else the service is phenomenal and FAST - very profession, very easy to work with and everything looks fantastic My customers rave about Anthony and his team and are always sending me photos of the material after installation.
Kyle Lazarus
Kyle Lazarus
Anthony and Footprints Floors of Huntington were incredible. From helping us determine what was needed and working with us on installation so that we could still move in on time… absolute pros. Can’t recommend them enough!

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Tile Install Huntington Review

“Tile Installation Huntington only?!” Of course not! In addition to our tile installation Huntington services we also offer the below services.

Services Offered by Footprints Floors of Huntington in Huntington, New York & Surrounding Areas.

In addition to floor tile installation, we provide the following services in Huntington, New York and surrounding areas! Wall Tile Installation, Kitchen Backsplash Installation, Laminate Flooring Installation, Luxury Vinyl Plank Installation, Hardwood Installation, Hardwood Flooring Restoration and Refinishing.

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If you’re in need of a floor tile installation and or wall tile installation in Huntington, New York, surrounding areas or are need of our other services schedule a FREE in home estimate with Footprints Floors of Huntington by calling 631-380-4757 or by submitting an online request by going to

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Tile Installation Huntington, New York

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Footprints Floors of Huntington
Footprints Floors of Huntington

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